Envisioning the future of printing

Working with Play&Co has immediately paid off, unlocking interesting new possibilities for our Advanced Printing portfolio. Interaction with them has been delightful, humble, supportive. They have an unwavering drive to deliver world class provocative concepts that are grounded in reality. They handle all projects in a professional manner, with excellent project management and focused deliverables. In my experience, there is no greater joy and creative value than working with a design team who rise above ego and walk right beside you on the uncertain path of product creation. Play&Co is that team, we are grateful to have them as a design partner.Bart Massee, Senior Manager, Advanced Design & Design Strategy Team, HP

Work is becoming an increasingly transient and amorphous activity. New business paradigms such as virtual & mobile offices, co-working & start-up culture are all breaking down traditional notions how, why and where we work.

HP asked play&co to help envision new print archetypes that address this shift and bring print back into the path of this new world.

Hewlett Packard