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Ergobaby x Play&Co


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Creating a Design Language System

Ergobaby designs and builds innovative, ergonomic baby products that enable and encourage bonding between parents and baby. They have a rich history of developing market-leading products of unrivalled comfort and quality.

Play&Co continues to consult and design on a range of projects.

Looking to the future, Ergobaby enlisted Play&Co’s help to create a Design Language System that would serve as a guide for their team to evolve, envision and develop new products that would both embody their brand values and feel ‘identifiably’ Ergobaby.




“Design Language Systems are difficult to develop and can become a time-consuming web of endless options. When we set out to create Design Language Guidelines for our 2 brands, I reached both into my past experience and Rolodex to think through how to begin something so complex.
Enter Brendan and his team. What began as conversations over lunch blossomed into a 6-month partnership of workshops, several rounds of drafts, input from dozens of stakeholders and many long days and nights of work. The results however far exceeded expectations.
The resulting two sets of Design Language Guidelines allowed us to set clear principle-based direction for the future of our brands, ensuring they stay true to themselves as they evolve. These guidelines have become both alignment tools within the organization as well as valuable assets to evangelize our products and company. We couldn’t have done it without Play&Co.”
Demetrius Romanos
Senior Vice President, Design & Development, Ergobaby