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Philips One

Philips One

Philips Sonicare
StrategyIndustrial Design & DevelopmentPrototyping

Designing an affordable and attractive toothbrush for new audiences.

Philips asked Play&Co to help them understand new factors that are influencing consumer habits, such as social media and new service models. We helped the Design team envision and design an entry-level powered toothbrush to appeal to cost-conscious consumers looking to up their oral healthcare routine from manual brushing.

Play&Co were involved in the entire product creation process. We contributed to early research and proposition workshops, on-site high-energy brainstorming and concept sessions. We then drove the design refinement process, including prototyping and design specification.

The Philips One is Sonicare's answer to the disruptors. The initial launch has been well received and is listed in key retailers across the USA.


Creative Curation

Throughout the design process, we envisioned a wide range of concept expressions, details and features. As the project evolved, a leading concept was curated to emphasise simplicity, portability, convenience and exude a fun personality. From sketches to prototypes to color and material specification, we drove critical design decisions that fuelled a compelling marketing narrative that felt at home on social media.