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StrategyBrand Identity Design

Sustainability designed.

Chicago-based start-up, Simplifeied, asked us to design and develop a sustainable duffle bag for travel. Their mission was to develop a low footprint, yet premium product that addressed the needs of eco-conscious consumers. We conducted rounds of material research, scanning the globe for pioneering sustainable materials and technologies. We then began rapid concept ideation that involved sketch ideation, prototyping all the way through to golden sample development with manufacturers. Additionally, we designed graphical narratives that captured the spirit of the brand through the Hindi elements of Prithvi earth, Vayu air, Jal water, Agni fire.

Material Led Design

During our research, one material stood out for both its aesthetic and durability traits. Piñatex is a completely cradle-to-cradle substitute for leather. It is a natural textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre. We incorporated Piñatex into core elements of the design to promote a balance of sustainability and luxury. To learn more, visit

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